Sara Flower Kjeldsen

W Is For Wolf

“Alina!” She rolled her eyes at her father’s angry voice saturating the once quiet atmosphere. She looked over her shoulder at her white wolf. “Winter, run ahead of me to the house so that he knows I will soon follow.” Winter bounded through the woods for home. Alina took a deep breath. She already knew […]

V Is For Vixen

Orange flashed in the corner of his eye. He dug his heels into his chestnut mare and she took him up the hill in pursuit of the she-fox. It was his first hunt and he would make the first kill. Yelping and barking signalled that the hounds caught her scent. Her ladyship would be exceedingly […]

U Is For University

Taken From: Ermilia Blog “So, you finished that essay?” “Yes. I decided to support the theory of dark matter in my writing.” “Nice. I guess that’s why we didn’t see you last night at the Moon Festival.” “Right.” I sniffed and brought my attention to the grey doors of the Science and Mathematics Building. There […]

T Is For Treachery

Continued From H Is For Honour Angry, impatient shouts vibrated the walls of Rebecca’s dark prison. How alone she felt. Her father had come to say good-bye to her hours ago, and her mother had been grieving for her as though she were dead for days. The guard opened her door at last. She welcomed […]

S Is For Songwriter

We return to the city walking like zombies without an appetite. Some of us shuffle, others walk fast and straight. Everyone’s eyes are glazed over. The medication that the general ordered our lieutenants to give us after combat helped erase the terrible memories that would soon come back one we re-adjusted to civilian life. My […]

R Is For Resist

She ran up the stairs, giggling, face flushed. Happiness had finally come to her after months of feeling either numb, anxious, or suicidal. She entered the room full of people with a bright smile. Normally she disliked being in large groups, but she felt so energetic. After saying hello to a couple of people, she […]

Q Is For Queen

Source: (Fantasy Queen) My hands tremble still even though my horse has carried me far away from the castle. Stories and rumours about the king make most people shudder, but having been in the same room with him, hearing his voice as he issued commands to torture or behead the anarchists, shook me to the […]

P Is For Poetess

Her smooth hands wrung together as she stood watching the rain patter against the window. Such a gentle spirit, the poetess was, with her love of all things melancholic and strange. She did not seem to belong in our world of warriors, thieves, and tyrants. “Please don’t marry that man,” I said. She sighed softly. […]

O Is For Offense

Continued from I Is For Ingenuous By the time she realized what his intentions were, they had already wandered well out of the city. Good God, how could she have been so trusting with a complete stranger? “Your breathing is pretty rapid right now,” he said. She feigned innocent laughter. “I feel a little cold. […]

N Is For Narcissist

“I know this lovely girl, Sandra. Smart, but also hopelessly blonde. She adores me like a faithful little puppy dog. Haha.” “So, she’s hot then?” “You could say that.” “Nice. So, how were the three hookers that your friend bought for your birthday the other night?” “They weren’t amazing, but, hell, now I can say […]


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