Book Cover Reveal: Eve & Adam

My sister, Jessica Kjeldsen, has designed my book cover for a short story I’m planning to publish soon. I’m really excited that Eve & Adam will be live soon – probably in November! The cover design’s whimsical, hopeful appearance is what I had hoped it would be, because it’s both ironic and symbolic. We’re both into covers that shy away from the cliche of a woman looking off into the distance. I am very grateful that she could really grasp the feel of my story and be able to design it.

So, here is the cover! Let me know what you think, if you wish. :)

Design by Jessica Kjeldsen

Design by Jessica Kjeldsen

The Red Coat and The Red Head eBook – Free Today Until Monday!

My newest ebook The Red Coat and The Red Head will be free for five days, starting today! Now is your chance to download a historical adventure short story free of charge.

What is it about? Two young free thinkers who are caught in the middle of a revolution.

The Red Coat and The Red Head is a short story set during the American Revolution. A young British officer, Jon, deserts the army when he cannot cope with his best friend’s death. He runs into a Colonial girl named Jil who is against war, despite her patriot loyalties.

When three British colonels surround Jil’s home, she and Jon ride away. They long to escape from the terrible violence that has soaked the atmosphere in Boston and turn their misfortune into an adventure.

But will the war catch up with them and quench the freedom that they long for?
Please let me know what you think and feel free of course to leave a review on Amazon or Good Reads. :)

I was hoping to make the promotion last longer, but at this point, the longest free promotion you can run on Amazon is 5 days.

I appreciate your support, as always!

The Red Coat and The Red Head Book Cover

After some thought, I thought that it would be better to publish each of my short stories as separate entities. I may do a book of multiple short stories in the future, but my story about two young people trapped in an era of revolution and war will be a stand alone.

Here is the cover for The Red Coat and The Red Head. It was designed by my talented younger sister, Jessica Kjeldsen. You will be seeing more of her in the future.


I love how she captured the mood of the tale, and the setting mirrors that special place they had away from the violence.

I plan to publish The Red Coat and The Red Head by the end of this week. Best of all, it will be FREE!

Publishing Two Short Stories This Summer

With a few short stories under my belt, I have been giving a great deal of thought to publishing a book that features a collection of short stories. So, I am going to take the plunge and do this! I really want to get two of my most cherished short works out to the world and I am going to sell it for free in the beginning. I am actually really excited for this! I never thought I would be a short story writer, but after dabbling in some flash fiction contests, I realized how much I enjoy the brief but intense style of writing.

I will include more details about the two short stories within the book, the cover, and the launch date.

For now, I have come up with a title!

It is called:

“It Burns Until You Take Flight.”

Both of the stories focus on the concept of freedom –  freedom to be yourself and pursue your dreams despite the obstacles that people put in one`s way. I also like to illustrate in my writing the negative effects that prejudice and suppression does to people. Sometimes, the outcome is very bleak.

I appreciate everyone`s support!

So, what have you all been working on these days? Do tell. :)

Book Marketing Plans (Time to Get on That)

Well, it has been just over two months since my novella, Followed was released. It has already made more sales in the amount of time that it took a year for By the Sword, my first novel, to make about the same. I took down By the Sword because I felt that the writing was not matured enough yet and my beliefs had changed so much that I did not feel like it properly represented my writing enough.

Anyway, I have been pretty lazy when it comes to the marketing of Followed and I realized that I need to sit down and figure out an intelligent marketing plan. I blogged about it, of course, created a Facebook fan page, and Tweeted about the free book promo. But so far, that is the extent of my book marketing.

So, this is what I plan to do once I have a few other things down pat so I can focus on book marketing:

1) Contact 10-12 book blogs in the gothic/historical fantasy avenue to have author interviews and book reviews with

2) I am going to run a Facebook ad for one day to see the effectiveness

3) Run a contest on my blog of some sort to help spread the word

4) Do another free book promo to help boost downloads and gain popularity

5) Start writing the sequel! ;)

So I am going to be a busy writer this summer, writing and marketing and blogging, but I am really excited. This fresh mountain air (I moved from Ontario to Alberta three months ago) has done wonders for my inspiration and creativity. There are so many great places to sit and write with a notebook.

On that note, here`s a little treat! A picture from one of my wanderings in the lovely town of Canmore, Alberta.


Book Launch – Followed

Followed has officially been launched today! You can order a copy of my gothic novella on your Kindle now for only $1.99.

If you want to pick it up for free (And I’ll bet you do!) I am running a free promotion on Amazon starting tomorrow and it ends on Saturday.


Adeline assumes that her life is on track when she befriends her spirited governess, Julia, followed by her ex-midshipman cousin, Gabriel. But when her great aunt passes away after revealing a terrible secret, she is torn away from Julia by her new guardians.

After their home in Bath is set aflame, Adeline and Gabriel flee to the woods. Separated from Gabriel after being chased down by a strange horseman, Adeline is then approached by a madman and is given an ultimatum to follow him – or to die alone in the forest.