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Not a novelist

I think referring to myself as a “novella-ist” might be a more accurate way to describe myself. With the exception of my first YA novel (By the Sword), my other two books have ended up at novella length, even after much editing and “beefing up” of the plot line. I don’t know what it is, […]

The Next Big Thing

My very awesome fellow blogger Corey M.P. tagged me for The Next Big Thing Blog Hop. (She also just published her first novel, HIGH,on December 28, 2012!!) So, “The Next Big Thing” is a great opportunity for writers to post about their latest WIP. So, here I go! How It Works: If I tag you, use this […]

Setting “Followed” Aside

The creative writing process can change so quickly. Four months ago, I thought that I was ready to publish my second novel, Followed, but after some very helpful beta readers, I realized that it wasn’t ready at all. I made so many changes from then until early December and then got wary of the whole thing. So, […]

Write On

Well, November and NaNoWriMo are long gone now. I did not end up participating in NaNo after all my talking and planning about it - I feel so bad! I ended up putting my focus in the freelance writing gig, and when that didn’t pan out so well… I scrambled to find a full time job to ease the […]


Two years ago, I was horrified when the first draft of my third novel sat at a mere 24,000 words. That was back when my life’s dream was to get an agent. I thought at the time that all the energy I put into a story I really had written from the heart was all […]


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