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Writing by Hand

The feel of your hand sliding across the page as you pen the words birthed from your imagination. Seeing a story handwritten in a notebook is an art in its own way. Watching your ideas and characters form into sentences by your own hand is simply breathtaking. Writing in a notebook allows you to travel […]

Write What You Love

Write what you want to write about. Write about what inspires you. Write about what you think about when you’re walking under the stars or in the rain. Write the story that you have always wanted to tell. Write about the characters that won’t leave your mind. Then, have the courage to write what you […]

I Write Like…

Thanks to Miss Writerlicious for mentioning this most fun site called “I Write Like”. You cut and paste a portion of your writing (At least a few paragrahs from your WIP) to see which author’s writings yours most resemble. You can give it a try here. My results show that I write like H.P. Lovecraft. […]

First Person Narrative

For the first time since I have started writing novels, I have made the decision to write one of my books in the first person point of view. Normally, I love writing from multiple points of view – where the story is told from at least four different characters’ perspectives. Sometimes, first person just works […]

20 Ways to Tell You’re a Writer

I love Corey’s list of our writer quirks. Hope these make you smile today. I can relate to all of them, especially the daydreaming and active imagination parts. :) Feel free to add more in the comments! Check it out: 20 Ways to Tell You’re a Writer. Happy Writing! :)

Beta Readers

Before sending your work to a professional editor, I highly recommend having at least two people (fellow writers or avid readers) read over your book and let you know what they thought of it. Editors are amazing at fixing grammatical errors, sentence structure, and some will even comment on things like characters or the flow of the story, but […]

Handwritten words

One morning, I thought it would be really inspiring to walk to a secluded area of the park near my home and write in my notebook rather than on my laptop. I sat on a bench and wrote an entirely new story idea. The quiet, natural surroundings provided the perfect whimiscal setting. Sun streamed through the tall […]


Two years ago, I was horrified when the first draft of my third novel sat at a mere 24,000 words. That was back when my life’s dream was to get an agent. I thought at the time that all the energy I put into a story I really had written from the heart was all […]

Your Summer Writing Goals

Right now I am working on the edit of my second novel done by my (very affordable – yay!) editor. After that I am having a good writing friend do a beta read for good measure. I plan to have it published in early-mid June. The title is called Followed. After that, it is on to editing and re-working […]

The Story Synopsis

I don’t know why I dread writing a synopsis of my books so much. It’s sort of funny, because a lot of writers I follow through blogs and on Twitter also express their distate for the dreaded “s” word. It seems to be right up there with the query letter. *Cringes* One agent in an article read […]


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