M is for Melody

Fellow writer & blogger Miss Melody was very kind to recently award me both the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award and the Stylish Blogger Award.
Check out her fabulous blog here:
Here are the rules I got from her blog. 🙂
1. Thank and link back to the person who passed on the award.
2. Share 7 random tidbits about yourself.
3. Pass on the award to others (the number can be from 3-10) and link to their blogs.
4. Let those people know you’ve given them the award.
So, here’s seven things about me.
1. I`ve eaten alligator before…and I loved it. Mmm.
2. I model as a part time job. Very fun.
3. My dream is to own two horses – one fresian and one arabian.
4. I look like a girlie girl, but I`d catch frogs on a hot summer afternoon or ride an ATV on a dirt road any day. Oh yeah. I`ve gotta get back to the country soon.
5. I have one sister who I would swear is my twin separated by five years. We are a lot a like and we can tell what one another is thinking without words. Crazy cool.
6. I hate mayo. No, like I mean I really hate it. As in I am freakishly phobic of it. I just think it`s so gross and nasty and I can`t even think about eating it. It`s just one of those things.
7. I have read the Bible through twice…working on my third time now. Amazing stuff in there.
And now
for the winners.
1.  The wonderous blog of Melody Jackson. You go girl! I had to mention you, not just because you picked me for an award, but because I think your posts are so interesting and inspiring.
2. Literary Rambles – the lovely blog of Casey McCormick and Natalie Aguirre. From the helpful Tip Tuesdays to the informative agent spotlights – and other awesome goodies. I visit this blog pretty much everyday and there is always something new to learn about. You go girls! Also, Casey was kind enough to have me post my query letter for some helpful critiques on the blog. Very good indeed.
3. The unique blog called The Writer & The Resin Roomates. Blogger Sierra McConnell has some of the most interesting posts – and she is a supportive pal, commenting on my blog and offering some kind comments. Check her out, too.
Congrats to all the winners!

2 thoughts on “M is for Melody

  1. Wow! Thanks, hon! I get two? Or do I have to pick one? O~O

    As for the mayo, I’m the same way with pickle relish. I was forced to eat an entire sandwich of it once as a child and ever since I can’t eat anything pickle related. Even though I love vinegar. [shutters]

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