Small Publishing Presses – A Legit List

As my (probably not so final) final edit of my first novel comes to a close, I have been thinking more about the publishing options out there. I am totally open to self publishing and if I do intend to do that, I will be sure to hire a good editor, formatter, cover designer, etc. But I am not fully decided on what publishing method to go with YET.

I am still querying agents that I feel would be a good fit for my book. Might as well give the traditional route another go while I shop for editors.

But there was a third option I had not been considering.

The Small Publishing Press.

More open minded than the Big Six, they can appeal to more experimental or alternative markets. They give “risky” concepts a chance. And many of them will accept unsolicited manuscripts. *Cheers!*

So, it looks like we have yet another good option out there besides querying agents or self publishing.

If you are considering going with a small press, here is a pretty good list from Agent Query Connect.


6 thoughts on “Small Publishing Presses – A Legit List

  1. I am biased, but I think many small presses and independent publishers are publishing some amazing books right now. Often, these are great stories that weren’t “big enough” for the Big Six, but which definitely have or deserve a readership. Good luck with your work!

  2. Hi. First, I want to say, what a stunning blog you have…a lot of style And thank you for visiting mine (which needs work)
    I’m thinking small press too..thought I’d leave them for after the big six, or twenty…gives me tim to perfect my Query (three versions went out) I’m so impatient it was hard not too. I’ve been Querying off and on since early June. Thanks for the link. My subject is a little controversial and smaller presses my be the key.
    I signed up to follow you. Look forward to your process. All the Best!

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