Book Review: Infinite Sacrifice

Book: Infinite Sacrifice

Author: L.E. Waters

Well, this is my very first book review! I am happy that it for L.E. Waters. She has been a supporter of my blog and she has also answered many of my self publishing questions.

Upon reading the first book in this historical fantasy series, I was transported to Ancient Egypt, Sparta, Denmark, and then England. This is a good read for anyone who loves historical or adventure fiction. Lauren did a wonderful job of combining her research with good story telling – a rare find. The characters jumped off of the page, and the setting in each life came to life for me from the small farm in ancient Sparta to the dirty streets of plague-ridden England.

*Side Note* As a Christian, I naturally read and write stories that line up with teachings in the Bible. While I disagree with the idea of reincarnation, I read this book objectively and I found it very enjoyable. In fact, I was up well into the night on more than one occasion! Also interesting to note, the most selfless characters in the whole story were the nuns and the monks.

I thought that each character was so authentic, with each story growing more intense than the last. The first story in Egypt was intriguing, but once the main character found herself in the life as a brave Spartan woman with a grave secret, I was hooked. There were plot twists and turns in the entire novel that I would have never been able to see coming, which is what I always want to see in a good book.

Then, the emotion and intensity during the last few chapters had me gasping and covering my mouth. The story of the young English woman, two orphans, and the kind monk had become so real to me. The ending to that life was so sad, but it was beautifully written.

During the entire book, I found every character to be fleshed out and realistic. I will not soon forget them.

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