Book Cover!

So today I am going to reveal the cover for By the Sword.





Okay, I will stop stalling. I don’t know why I am being so shy about this.

Here it is! Let me know your thoughts.


15 thoughts on “Book Cover!

  1. Wait, wait,wait, wait….what is this?

    You’re an Indie/Kindle writer…do you know what that means?

    You can’t have a real, original illustration done with a palette and tone that’s reflective of your work, what are you thinking? This looks like real, serious and carefully designed artwork here.

    No. I’ll forgive you for this, but here’s what you need.

    Get a “hot chick” in black leather pants and halter, green screen some mountain background with a castle, give her one of those giant, Klingon looking swords you get from the “knife and leather guy” at the farmers market and just drop in any kind of red font with powerpoint.

    Sigh…what were you thinking.

    1. I know, what was I thinking? At least there is still time to switch it to a green background with clashy red letters – and I can’t forget the giant sword.

      Too funny Dave! I laughed so hard at your comment. 🙂

      1. Glad you laughed.

        I was going to say leather corset but they tend to go down to the waist with dips in the front. Wholly innapropriate! You can’t see the skinny waist and the exposed belly button so I recommended leather halter top.

        If you’re going to rise to the thrown in a male dominated elder world or battle endless hordes of vamps, zombies or cyborgs…you HAVE to show the bellybutton.

        Not optional. Everything else is secondary. 😉

    2. Hilarious idea, the Klingon bat’leth (‘sword of honour’). Yes, {sigh} I stand before you, an admitted Trekkie. “Kapla”! (English: ‘Victory is mine’).

  2. What an exciting occasion for a novelist! Congratulations. You aren’t using your real name? It’s cool there is an animation of you. The tree really makes the background. I *always* appreciate capitalization of all letters in a title!!!!

    1. Thanks so much hun! 😀 Yeah I decided to use a pen name. For a specific reason, actually. In honour of a friend who died young. He suggested that my first and middle name sounded like a famous name. He said I could go somewhere with that name. lol He was awesome. Besides, my real last name is so much harder to say. 😉

      I am glad that you like the title in all capitals. 🙂 Najla, my cover designer, is awesome and I am so grateful that I found her!!

      1. Original English grammar rules often slip between cracks. It was made acceptable to put “and” ect in lower-case but it will never look right to me. Each first letter gets a capital I say! Thanks for sharing your excitement with WordPress peers. You know tomorrow is the anniversary of my first article. I’m happy I’m sharing my words with kind people here.

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