WIN an Amazon Gift Card

Last week, I promised that I would do a little give away, so here it is! :) To win the $20.00 Amazon gift card, all you have to do is answer the question: What is your favourite book genre and why? The contest closes April 8, 2012. I look forward to reading all of your answers! Cheers & good luck. […]

A Paragraph From The Second Novel

Inspired by Laura Stanfill’s “Line of the Week” post, where she asks writers to post a line or a paragraph from something they had written during the past week. This is a paragraph from my second book, a (historical) horror called Possessed (for now): Adeline spun around, her full skirt swaying like a ship’s sail. Gabriel […]

By the Sword Is In Print!

Hello all! By the Sword is now available in print on for only $9.99. I wanted to include a silly picture of me holding my proof of the book, but I don’t have a camera yet. It is difficult to describe in words that amazing feeling you get when you see your story in paperback form […]

Self Publishing: 6 Things I Learned (So Far)

1) Edit. Then Edit Again. Repeat. Yes, I am serious. :) You will probably edit your work about 20 + times before you are satisfied with it.  With each edit, you find new ways to improve your story’s plot, flow, character development, etc.. You will know your story and your characters inside and out once you’re done. 2) […]

Your Dream Writing Retreat

You know those writing conventions, sometimes referred to as a “writer’s retreat”, that cost a lot and you spend a lot of energy to win over an agent’s or an editor’s time? Well, when I think of a true writing retreat, I imagine a quiet cabin in the woods or a lovely country bed and breakfast. I have […]