A Paragraph From The Second Novel

Inspired by Laura Stanfill’s “Line of the Week” post, where she asks writers to post a line or a paragraph from something they had written during the past week.

This is a paragraph from my second book, a (historical) horror called Possessed (for now):

Adeline spun around, her full skirt swaying like a ship’s sail. Gabriel jumped down from the tree, landing awkwardly, and ran to catch up with her. She gawked at him once he reached her side.

“I’m sorry, all right? Most girls back home aren’t interested in climbing trees or exploring. If you don’t mind, I would like to start over again.”

Adeline crossed her arms as a hint of a smile formed on her girlishly pretty face.

Feel free to share something from what you have written this week. 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Paragraph From The Second Novel

  1. Ok. I’m game. Its not exactly a paragraph as much as its a snippet of dialogue (This is the tendency of how I write. I then go back and fill in action and description later). This is a speculative fiction/steam punk story set during the Civil War.

    “We’ve been together now, Charles for—Lord, some of us eight years now. I think we’ve all considered ourselves friends. We’ve had this hierarchy and you’ve always been the boss, but we’ve all been friends. Despite our fights we occasionally have, we’re close–”
    “What are you getting at, Whitman?”
    “Well, Charles. Its these new rules. You’ve never had these before. You’ve never cared if we drank, cussed, or gambled before. Now all of the sudden, we have to stop. Its our personal lives your messing with now. Frankly, me and the boys don’t like it.”
    “Things are different now.”
    “We don’t see how its different.”
    “Gentlemen, can you not see this isn’t Mexico, Nicaugra, or Italy? This is our own country we are fighting for.”
    “Well, we don’t see it that way, Charles.”
    “How can you say that? Have you no love for the place that gave you birth? Do you not hold this soil sacred?”
    “Not the way you do, Charles.”

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