Random Acts of Kindness Blitz Tour

A smile. An encouraging word. A thoughtful gesture. Each day people interact with us, help, and make our day a bit brighter and full. This is especially true in the writing community.

Take a second to think about writers you know, like the critique partner who works with you to improve your manuscript. The writing friend who listens, supports and keeps you strong when times are tough. The author who generously offers council, advice, and inspiration when asked.

So many people take the time to make us feel special, don’t they? They comment on our blogs, re-tweet our posts, chat with us on forums, and post reviews on Amazon/Goodreads.

I want to follow the lead of other kind bloggers and participate in this blitz today. 🙂

I want to thank each and every one of you for following my blog and offering insightful and encouraging comments along the way. Your support means THE WORLD to me.

Of note, I want to mention Lauren Waters. She has been a great writing friend from basically the beginning of my blog, offering great writing advice and help with my publishing questions. Her writing success is inspiring.

To thank you all for your support, I want to do another contest.

I will be giving away a $10.00 Amazon gift card to two random commenters. The contest closes June 11, 2012.

Just answer the question: Do you enjoy reading horror/supernatural thriller novels? What is that you like/dislike about the horror genre?



23 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness Blitz Tour

  1. I’m happy to be of help to any writer, Sara, and you are very welcome. I wish you well. Regarding your question, about the only supernatural thrillers I read now are by Jim Butcher. His Dresden Files (and there’s only one of him, so far) are a riot – filled with humor as well as mystery and adventure. If you know of anything similar, I’d love to hear about them.

    1. Thanks Gary! Cool, I like books that mix some humour with mystery and adventure. Actually, I recently read Asylum Lake by R.A. Evans that has a healthy dose of laughs within a very dark, suspenseful story. You might enjoy that one.

  2. What a lovely post 🙂 I think what’s nice is you’ve talked about people who have helped us in our writing journey’s especially.

    I started meeting with other writers on Yahoo! Answers, in the Books and Authors section about three years ago. And by looking at how far I’ve come now, the things I’ve learnt, the experience that has been shared with me, the brilliant intellectual discussions I’ve had with some of the most witty people ever on that site really makes me smile and appreciate everyone I’ve met on there.

    I started blogging about writing only a few months ago, and again, it’s been a wonderful experience. The blogging community on wordpress is so diverse, but it’s great to see the same passion of writing throughout and the same willingness to share thoughts and experiences. Every post I read just enhances what I know about writing.

    So again, thanks for posting this, it’s brought back some wonderful memories and just made me smile 🙂

    To answer the question, Do you enjoy reading horror/supernatural thriller novels? What is that you like/dislike about the horror genre?

    It’s not that I either like or dislike the genre, I suppose I’ve never really read any books from the genre. And again, it’s not because I’ve had any presumptions about the sort of books, but I’ve just never really thought about it. I do however, want to start reading a few, and hopefully will get a chance to this summer. I want to start with Stephen King first, for obvious reasons. But if you have any books to recommend, I’d really appreciate it 😀

    ~ Jay

    1. That is neat that you have connected with some interesting writer folks over at the books and authors section on Yahoo Answers. I might have to check that area out sometime.

      True about the blogging community here at WordPress. There really is such a great bunch of people in this community. Glad my post made you smile, too. 🙂

      Stephen King is probably a good author to start with if you want to dabble in horror. You would probably also like Dean Koontz. House by Ted Dekker is an awesome scary tale with some lively redemption in the end and Scream by Mike Dellosso is also an intense read.

      Hope you get a chance to enjoy some good books (Horror or otherwise) this summer.

      1. I’m glad you agree with my comments, and thank you so much for the recommendations – and on they go to my to-read list! I hope to get into horror books soon, god knows what wonderful books I’ve been missing out on! Again, thank you 🙂

  3. This is so sweet, Sara! I was just thinking about writing a post about how much I depend on the support of my writing/blogging buddies (namely you!). You have been so encouraging and supportive this last year that I feel like I know you! Like we’ve sat down in a coffee shop and chatted about our novels all day. Thank you so much!

    If I was ever going to write a horror/supernatural thriller I would attempt something like Amenábar’s The Others. I love those eerie, haunted, confusing atmospheres where something seems amiss until a huge twist is unveiled.

    When I was little I loved Wait Til Helen Comes. So scary!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Lauren. 🙂 It has been a joy connecting with you and speaking about our writing endeavors. It really does feel like we have met up at a coffee shop and spoke about writing. My other friends are shocked at the good connections I have made through blogging and they have heard good things about your books from me. 🙂

      Oh my goodness speaking of The Others. The movie really made an impression on me. I remember feeling that way, too, especially when her husband returned and he acted like such a zombie. Then we found out why at the end! It was so creepy and well done. I could relate to the horror of Nicole Kidman’s character – expecting heaven after death and then finding out you are just a ghost destined to wander the dream-like earth. Eek!

  4. A draw, no judging? Good, no essay. Mega yard & housework this wonderful +28C day. {GRIN} I dislike horror films (will make exception for Daniel Radcliffe). I don’t like gore or focus on evil. I seldom read horror but am unopposed if the plot seems neat. I grew up with Stephen, famous for the genre (see my cat Love, atop ‘the Stephen shelf’)! http://cmriedel.wordpress.com/2012/01/21/what-i-like-to-read/

    It’s hard to navigate stores that over-catagorize. I love authors who end up in horror from store-to-store: Natasha Mostert, Winifred Elze. Series with witches might sit there even if they are light, cute, and quirky: Shirley Damsgaard, Barbara Bretton, Madelyn Alt. Conclusion: I don’t eat up the genre but find great books in it. I love its suspense and the flair of something odd going on. It’s nice to picture ourselves as the intelligent, cautious ones who escape whatever it is!

    1. That’s right. No judging. 🙂 I am jealous of your extra nice weather. It was a lovely day here, but not quite that warm.

      I can respect your dislike for horror. It isn’t for everyone. I didn’t get into it until about five years ago. Stephen King seems to appeal to a lot of people that don’t normally enjoy darker stories.

      It is true about the tendency of bookstores to over categorize.

    1. Yeah it can be hard to classify the genre of certain movies and stories. For my second book, I am still having trouble deciding whether to classify it as horror or a supernatural thriller. I would say that The Others was a horror and my story would be along those lines as far as the scary parts.

      So tricky!

  5. I like horror, but I have to admit, I’m fairly selective. I tend to gravitate towards Stephen King (or occasionally Koontz) if I’m going to read it. I have to admit, that over the past several years, I find that I’m most attracted to the “supernatural” elements in horror stories more than anything –which has made me a reader of paranormal and urban fantasy for the most part. I really don’t read much that can be considered horror anymore –although I enjoy a noir fantasy on occasion. 🙂

      1. What do you read usually? Maybe I just need to broaden my horizons.

        As far as noir fantasy, Holly Black’s got a good book of short stories called “The Poison Eaters” that pretty much fall into that genre.

      2. I like thrillers and fantasys. Historical fiction is great, too, as long as it isn’t centered on romance. Thanks for the noir fantasy suggestion. I must check it out.:)

  6. I want to clarify, it’s horror films I don’t watch, or my definition of them. Evil, devil type stuff like “The Omen” or “Texas Chain Saw Massacre”. I said that although it isn’t my key book genre, I don’t mind reading horror and some of my favourite authors fall under it. There are a lot of books I don’t find scary. Natasha Mostert and Winifred Elze kick ass at suspense, lack of gore, and surreality. There is lots of ‘hard rock’ music I don’t find very hard either. We’re a desensitized generation!

    I’ll tell everyone here (pleased to meet you Writerlicious, Jay, everyone) what I do find horrific. I had a yard sale Saturday. I don’t know how my Mom stands true terror books. There’s one I’m getting rid of in the city tomorrow. A daughter was missing for 27 years. It turns out the 80+ bastard of a father created a soundproof hightech cellar, where she was the whole time! 1 day of assault would be cruel beyond cruel. She had 6 children with the degenerate! She was saved when one was 19 years old and had to go to the hospital!!!! That’s a type of horror I would never watch or read.

    1. I would never watch Saw or Texas Chain Saw Massacre, either. I would classify that nasty stuff as torture porn or just gore-rific.

      Goes to show there are definitely genres within a genre.

  7. Hi Sara, first of all, what a nice thing to do–to give back a little something to those who have encouraged us along the way. I am not really interested much in the horror genre. I don’t mind if a story has action or tension, but life is scary enough without adding additional fictional fears to the list. Gratuitous violence, never. I don’t want those pictures in my head, as I have too good an imagination. What a thought-provoking past. Great blog, Sara!

  8. Hey Sara. Great Blog here. It’s true: writing is so much more fun whenever we have someone to write with. My writer pal just got married, so I’m waiting for the honeymoon stage to be over so that he and i can toss ideas around again.

  9. Yes, I really live the whole horror/supernatural/thriller fiasco within novels, and especially movies. Reading in general is a good past time and it helps explore my imagination, and because I personally love the excitement of getting scared along with the adrenaline rush, it’s always something I enjoy. The only thing that I dislike would really be the concept of horror novels turning into movies, and that movie ruining the whole novel because it just wasn’t as good. Thanks

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