Character Spotlight: Ivy

M. Night Shyamalan’s film The Village got a lot of bad feedback, but I enjoyed it on so many levels. Setting aside the fact that I think Shyamalan is a visionary, the main character in The Village caught my interest. Ivy Walker.  She is a blind “tomboy” – a paradox. I found her so intriguing and inspiring. A blind girl who would not allow life to pass her by just because she couldn’t see. Some people give up on life for smaller things.

“I see the world, Lucius Hunt. Just not the way you see it.” – Ivy Walker

Her innocence does not stop her from wanting adventure, always wishing she could be brave enough, but not quite there yet. Though, who could blame her when the village elders have everyone believe that red-cloaked monsters will storm through the city if anyone tries to venture out into the woods?

“How is it that you are so brave while the rest of us shake in our boots?” – Ivy Walker

Ivy’s fiance, Lucius, is suddenly stabbed by a former, jealous friend. Her horror and grief are overshadowed by determination. She decides to go outside the village to get help from people her father said were dangerous and mean-spirited. She goes, despite her blindness and inner fears, and returns with the medicine.

I love unconventional storylines. Ivy became Lucius’ hero. She set aside her fears and did the bravest thing that she could do. I love her character for that. Lucius would do no less for her, but bravery came naturally for him. Ivy had to use every ounce of inner strength to go on that quest.

Ivy, you may have been shaking in your boots, but you outsmarted that real-life monster with wit and courage.

What is a character you find so memorable or inspiring from a book or movie? What drew you to them?


11 thoughts on “Character Spotlight: Ivy

  1. Truly memorable characters; it’s a real challenge to find them. much more so to write them. Every protagonost these days is either so brilliant, so experienced, so highly trained or so “jaded”, that hardly anything they do or achieve comes as a real surprise.

    Conversely, the “passive” guy, caught up in some kind of dangerous or mysterious whirlwind that he must unravel, before it’s “too late”, profits from painfully convenient luck or stretched antagonist ineptitude, time after time, to the point of redundancy.

    Tough line to walk. That’s the reason why Ender’s Game is (and will probably forever) hang around the top selling Sci-Fi list. He’s a quintessential “hero’s journey” and he suceeds not only by believing in himself, but because of his genuine courage and determination, motivates many others to follow him.

  2. Oh, you’ve just reminded me to see this movie! I usually enjoy his movies and this one sounds so great.

    I would have to say my favorite character is Natty Bumpo “Hawkeye” from The Last of the Mohicans. He is strong, noble, and capable of all he carries out to save Cora. His motivations are completely understood and the way that he and some other characters (Duncan, Uncas, Alice, Chingachgook) become the hero is realistic and fantastic. Even his villains are understood and forgiven at the end. Last of the Mohicans is a movie that will never be matched or surpassed.

  3. I am going to have to go watch this now. I usually like Shyamalan’s movies. Thanks for pointing it out. One of my fave characters is Kelsier from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Trilogy.

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