Winners of the Amazon Gift Cards!

The winners of the random draw for the two $10.00 Amazon gift cards are bloggers




Congrats you two!! I hope you both enjoy a little shopping spree on Amazon. $10.00 can get you a nice handful of ebooks!

Email me at and I will send your gift cards shortly.

A huge thanks to every one else who entered in the draw. I really appreciated ALL of your comments.


3 thoughts on “Winners of the Amazon Gift Cards!

  1. Woo hoo!!! I’ll do ‘like new’ used, for 1c + $6.49 shipping on REAL books. There are 118 books on my Amazon wish list. A friend gave me enough for nearly 3 (yay Lauren)! I needed $4.00 more, for my picks to be covered 100%. With $10.00 from you, that works out PLUS I get one more! Rare ones that aren’t in used book stores, or several ‘volume 1s’ that had prevented me from reading those series! ¡Grácias amiga! Congratulations to Gary as well.

    Kate Carlisle, Joyce Lavene, Natasha Mostert, Carol Goodman, Alice Kimberly…

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