Character Spotlight – Amelia

I mentioned Amelia in a past blog post and I wanted to add her to my “character spotlight list”.

Amelia represents the promising, smart individuals who are subject to unfortunate circumstances and become depressed.

She is emotionally unstable due to her inability to communicate with her mother (Who never comes to see her in the hosptial after her suicide attempts) and she feels lost as to how to overcome a past astrocity that was done to her.

Her journey is beautiful and tragic. Her suicide art project is her way of crying out for help. Doing this is her way of dealing with what has happened to her.

Her art professor is upset when she shows him part of her project, which is an artistically done video of her suicide attempts.

“It’s not finished,” she insists.

“How does it finish, Amelia?” he asks.

Later, she realizes as the blood flows from her slit wrist into the water she is submerged in that she is not ready to die and she needs to seek help of some sort.

She admits herself into the hospital. A kind janitor spots her sitting alone in the hallway and offers her amazing perspective. He tells her that there are people waiting to meet her, that there is something to live for.

She leaves for home, still broken and sad. She is about to finally kill herself once she is in the confines of her apartment again, until a stranger breaks into home with the intent of killing someone across the road.

She then sees that life – even her life – is truly worth something – and she gains the strength to stand up to the man. She escapes with her own life, walking out into the night as a new person.

4 thoughts on “Character Spotlight – Amelia

  1. This is such a beautiful character portrait. I am fascinated by studies in adolescents and depression and the long road to self-worth/redemption.

    Amelia sounds like an awesome character.

    1. Thank you! Ah, that is a wonderful study to pursue – adolescence and depression and how to help them become happy and confident. That is something I would like to do as a day job and it would totally help with writing since understanding the mind is very beneficial.

      *Starts to make a budget so I can save up for a Psychology Degree*

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