Writing for Change

I like the idea of writing to change a certain aspect of something that is wrong with the world.

“You write in order to change the world … if you alter, even by a millimeter, the way people look at reality, then you can change it.” – James Baldwin

I know creative writers create stories out of inspiration, but I love the idea of writing to help people or to challenge a current way of life that hurts people. Hunger Games, for example, challenges us to think about the horrors of violence and war. Collins was actually inspired to write the three books from her time watching news footage in the Vietnam War with her dad.

I want to write about many things. I want stories to challenge bullying, religious/cultural ideals that hurt people (Namely, women, gays, etc.), war, violence, prejudice.

When you write, are there issues that you want to address within your tale that allow people to think outside of their immediate world? Do tell!


13 thoughts on “Writing for Change

  1. The best cure for the wants, that I’ve found anyway, is simply start writing… To change the world, you need only to have their attention. Attribute that one to me?

      1. I think that when you explore a matter of deep interest to yourself, people want to hear what you find… it is the nature of the human mind to want to do so. I hope that you find the moment of inspiration that you hope to find

  2. Currently, I think my writing has been about helping people cope with death. I feel like I may not being changing the world as a whole, but I might be helping people understand that even though we lose the people we love, we shouldn’t lose ourselves in the grieving process. Our loved ones would want us to continue to live our lives, even if they’re not around to be here with us.

    Maybe I’m thinking small scale, but I really love the idea of using your writing for good and to try and bring about a positive change in the world.

    1. Wow! I really love what you are doing with your writing. My goodness, I would never say that this is small scale. So many people deal with grief, anxiety, depression, etc. after a loved one or friend passes away. It’s wonderful you weave in ways on how to cope with death and move on while remembering them in a healthy light. Your writing can and will help change the world. Years ago, people had nowhere to go when it came to dealing with the death of someone they were close to. They used to be told to “deal with it” or “move on” after so many months or years. I would say your books could touch many people. 🙂

      1. I hope so! I remember when I was dealing with loss, a friend gave me Sarah Dessen’s The Truth About Forever, and it really helped me through hard that time in my life. Dessen’s book really opened me up to the idea that writing can really help us through the bad times and the good.

  3. I usually try to speak to issues that matter to me subtly, through the characters and their dialogue. I usually always touch on race, sexuality and gender (but in ways that are incidental to the plot and not preachy…at least I hope!)

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