Short Story Collections



Good day (Or evening)! It feels like forever since I have posted here and I do apologize for being a little scarce on the blogosphere.

I have been thinking about books that feature a collection of short stories in them lately and what people think of them. I like the idea myself. Sometimes, you might be in the mood for a good story but only wish to read a short one. I have written a lot of shorter stories lately and have been considering compiling all of them into one book. They actually all have similar themes, though the times and characters are all very different.

Have short story collections become more popular lately? I think they have. Which leads me to the next questions:

Do you enjoy reading short stories? Would you consider purchasing a book that is not a novel, but a collection of shorter works?


7 thoughts on “Short Story Collections

  1. It appears that anthologies and other short story collections are doing well. I enjoy them because i can get through one a night, just before going to bed, (my favorite time to read).

  2. I love short stories–writing and reading them. I’ve read several books of short stories, though I fear this particular brand of fiction is quickly fading. I’d like to see it make a come back, though.

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