Book Marketing Plans (Time to Get on That)

Well, it has been just over two months since my novella, Followed was released. It has already made more sales in the amount of time that it took a year for By the Sword, my first novel, to make about the same. I took down By the Sword because I felt that the writing was not matured enough yet and my beliefs had changed so much that I did not feel like it properly represented my writing enough.

Anyway, I have been pretty lazy when it comes to the marketing of Followed and I realized that I need to sit down and figure out an intelligent marketing plan. I blogged about it, of course, created a Facebook fan page, and Tweeted about the free book promo. But so far, that is the extent of my book marketing.

So, this is what I plan to do once I have a few other things down pat so I can focus on book marketing:

1) Contact 10-12 book blogs in the gothic/historical fantasy avenue to have author interviews and book reviews with

2) I am going to run a Facebook ad for one day to see the effectiveness

3) Run a contest on my blog of some sort to help spread the word

4) Do another free book promo to help boost downloads and gain popularity

5) Start writing the sequel! 😉

So I am going to be a busy writer this summer, writing and marketing and blogging, but I am really excited. This fresh mountain air (I moved from Ontario to Alberta three months ago) has done wonders for my inspiration and creativity. There are so many great places to sit and write with a notebook.

On that note, here`s a little treat! A picture from one of my wanderings in the lovely town of Canmore, Alberta.


4 thoughts on “Book Marketing Plans (Time to Get on That)

  1. Gorgeous pic!

    It stinks that so much time has to go into marketing when you’d much rather be writing. I find my sales drop almost in half if I don’t have a few paid promotions a month. Best of luck with all your efforts 🙂

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