Writing by Hand


The feel of your hand sliding across the page as you pen the words birthed from your imagination. Seeing a story handwritten in a notebook is an art in its own way. Watching your ideas and characters form into sentences by your own hand is simply breathtaking.

Writing in a notebook allows you to travel anywhere and sit in the most interesting places that might be awkward if you carried a laptop. Of course, writing on a computer is certainly poetic as well, as writing is writing. But one cannot compare the magic that takes place as the writer pens her or his heart out onto the page as they lean against a tall oak tree or sit upon a rock at the top of a mountain.

7 thoughts on “Writing by Hand

  1. Your post holds lot of truth to it. Writing by hand has its own charm and even handwritten letters are much valuable in comparison to typed letters. However, the need now a day is of speed since everyone is looking for fast communication. I am glad that you wrote a post about this as it helps in reminding people that we should not stop writing by hand.

  2. I do my best brainstorming by hand. I may type the draft on the computer, but the story building is always done in a trusty old notebook. So, I can totally relate. 🙂

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