Music is My Muse

Music strikes again. It works wonders for enhancing my inspiration when it comes to writing. Music is transporting, music heals, and music inspires.

Listening to the right tune for your work in progress can bring me into the heart of my story, and if I focus on a character, I can somehow feel out their inner thoughts and feelings better. Sometimes, one song plays out and I see the characters in my story come to life similar to how a music video would play out. A single song can actually dedicate itself to a character.

Today when I was working on Frozen, my second fantasy novella, I was listening to some epic violin music by Lindsay Stirling that went along so well with the concept. Its dramatic, sad, and sometimes haunting undertones really breathed new ideas as I tried to improve some of the characters within the story.

I wonder if musicians ever consider the effect they can have on writers and artists. They really do play such a role in the creative process and I love how it all comes together in this way.

Thank you, music, for being my muse.

My Current Writing Playlist

Lindsay Stirling – Elements

August Burns Red – Treatment

Lindsay Stirling – Crystallize

Julia Stone – The River

Metallica – Harvester of Sorrow

Evanescence – Lithium

Lindsay Stirling – Shadows

13 thoughts on “Music is My Muse

  1. Wow, what a powerful line up. I just downloaded three of the instrumental tracks from the movie “The Mortal Instumnents.” I have no intention of seeing the movie, but the orchestral soundtrack matches the mood of my story perfectly. I think listening to soundtracks often makes the story seem possible.

    1. I agree that movie soundtracks can be amazing to write to, especially because it is sometimes easier to write to music without singing depending on your frame of mind. Also, there are just so many amazing musical pieces that are in movies.

  2. Sara – I always listen to (mostly instrumental) music whilst writing. I was wondering, since you listed Metallica, have you stumbled across the S&M album, a collaboration between the guys and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra? Outstanding stuff!

      1. I’d suggest that you sample Yoav Goran’s ‘Immediate Music’ and his sideline ‘Globus’ albums on Amazon. Globus releases vocal versions of many ‘Immediate’ tracks. Outstanding IMHO.

  3. Nice music list. I’m a big fan of Lindsey Sterling too. I know everyone loves Crystallise and Elements (and they are great) I think Electric Daisy and Spontaneous Me are probably her best stuff.

  4. Loved reading this post of yours. Without music this world would be so lifeless. Even, I listen to music while writing poetry and it truly helps in getting a flow.

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