She and the Wolf

I don’t normally post my flash fiction pieces, but I felt like posting this one. I wrote it last year after looking at the image of a girl approaching a wolf. I mean, there are so many ways such a scenario could go.

I thought that it would be fitting to share it in October. What do you think of it? Scary? Thought-provoking? Symbolic? Vile? (Haha)

She and the Wolf - Flash Fiction Piece

“What makes you think I will let you pass through, girl?”
“Do not call me a girl. I am a woman now. And I want to pass, because I cannot stay in the city any longer.”
“Yes, you have grown quite tall, but your soft skin and naive eyes cannot fool this wise wolf. You are still but a child in a lady’s clothing.”
“Even if that is so, I must pass through, Wolf.”
“That is what the last little one said, and she has long since passed through my innards.”
“I have brought you something that none of the other girls have.”
The wolf growled, taking one step closer to the young woman.
“You mock me by bringing a basket of sweets. My, you truly are a dreamer.”
“I brought you the heart of the huntsman.”
The young woman grinned as the wolf’s ebony eyes widened.
“He is dead?”
“Yes. I killed him.”
They stared at one another in silence.
“Lower the basket, girl!” snarled the wolf.
The young woman set the organ’s wicker container onto the grass.
The grey-furred beast trotted over and sniffed the raw meat.
“Why did you kill him?”
“It was not intentional, but he… well, you know what the men are like in that Sheol disguised as a civilization.”
“A savage act for a savage human. You are a brave thing.”
“I fight back when attacked. Any animal has that sort of courage.”
The young woman swallowed back the lump in her throat. She had not meant to kill him, but her dagger had punctured the correct vein when she had tried to fight him off.
She could never return home with a hunter’s blood on her hands. It was just as well. She hated that place.
The wolf licked his chops with another growl.
“Go. I will not harm you for this.”
The girl broke into a run, leaving the wolf – and her home – behind forever.

-Sara Kjeldsen

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