Swing, Swing

Swing, Swing

My imagination goes into overdrive when I soar back and forth on a swing. It is a catalyst for my inspiration.

Not only is it relaxing and fun, but it feels like I am entering into another realm as I rise to another height.

Stress melts away and thoughts sail in. My inner child is free to come out once again.

So many story ideas come to me as I listen to music and swing away. Afterwards, I feel invigorated and refreshed, ready to sit down and write a story.

Do you ever go for a swing?

10 thoughts on “Swing, Swing

  1. I love swinging! Last time I did it I took my boyfriend and my dog… My dog clearly had no frame of reference for what she was thinking and decided to go into “attack” mode and ended up chomping the boyfriend’s inner thigh. There was lots of weeping. And I don’t mean by him.

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