This New Novel Is On Fire

(Sorry for the cheesy title.)

Well, there’s 9 days left in November, not including the just under two hours left of today, for the Mountain Time Zone. I had a couple of topics that I planned to write about, but then decided to focus on my work in progress first and then tackle the other two things later on, since they’re more in depth.

I did not participate in NaNo this year, but it’s been quite a productive month so far for my fantasy novel, based somewhat on the younger lives of my four grandparents. I’ve broken the 100 page mark today, and I am still only in “Part One”. Oh my gosh, I think that this may be my very first full-length novel! I really hope that it makes it to at least 250 pages.

So, for the remaining week or so, I want to write at least 50 more pages. The writing has just been flowing and every time I sit down to write, I add at least another five pages per sitting.

I think it’s working because I’ve found that balance of where to write and what music to listen to in order to be inspired. There’s something about that Game of Thrones soundtrack that draws me into the fantasy realm and I’m just totally in love with the world and characters of my story, especially when I listen to the epic melodies. I can almost smell the musty dirt on the streets, and hear the distant battle drums of the invading army about to raid a helpless village.

Or, maybe it’s because the main characters are based on my grandparents. It’s interesting how you feel when your characters are inspired by real people who matter very much to you.

I still think it has a lot to do with sticking with a certain theme or ritual in order to make the most of writing time. For this book, I have no outline. Being a “pantster” seems to be working just fine so I’ll forgo any strict planning and let the story flow.

So, I suppose that is all I need to say for now. Because I’m so happy about this book, I think I’ll add a little excerpt too. I hope you enjoy it! This character is based on my Grandma Kjeldsen. You can see my classic theme of girls trying to dodge their fate of early marriage here. 🙂

Agnitia strummed the strings of her fiddle as she stared out the window. A clear sky told her that it would be a wonderful day to go fishing with Frenz.
“Are you going to play that instrument or just toy with it all afternoon?” her mother muttered.
The woman was on both hands and knees, scrubbing the floor. Guilt swept over Agnitia and she stood.
“Do you need help with anything?”
Her mother stopped working for a moment to stare at her. “Is this my daughter speaking?”
“I could help Papa feed the animals.”
With an eye roll, her mother stood. “Go. I am nearly finished.”
Grinning, Agnitia rushed to the door.
“Daughter, wait.”
She did not like the serious tone of her mother’s voice.
“Food will be scarce again this year. Your father and I are grateful for your help, but…”
“Please don’t say it, Mother.”
She watched her mother’s tired face grow cold. “You are nearly an adult now. I was married at fifteen.”
Agnitia cringed.
“Stop the ugly face. I love your father very much.”
“I know that you do.”
She did not want to hurt her mother, but she had to fight for her dreams. No one else would.
“You want me to marry that old farmer, don’t you? You and father always speak favourably of him at the table.”
“He is not old.”
“I could never love a man who is nearly my father’s age.”
“You might not have a choice if your father’s crop yields less than it did last year.”
Agnitia’s limbs trembled in anger. Not only at her own peril, but at the terrible fact that her parents were subject to nature’s cruel whims. They were good, hardworking people, but that did not ensure that they would reap what they deserved.
“I don’t need to eat so much, Mother.”
“I cannot watch you go hungry for another winter.”
It was true, they had all become much too thin since the famine, which was followed by an overabundance of insects that ravaged their crops. But Agnitia had grown used to not eating very often, and she still had enough energy to go exploring with Frenz.

There we have it.


5 thoughts on “This New Novel Is On Fire

  1. I am very intrigued to see what it will all turn out to be like! I’m jealous of your on-fire-ness and um, it hadn’t occurred to me to listen to the Game of Thrones soundtrack, that is brilliant and sounds like perfect writing music!

    1. Thank you, Aussa. 🙂 It’s good to know there’s some people interested in how it will turn out. My parents are expecting a copy when I visit in January. No pressure, right? 😛

      Ooh yes definitely give Game of Thrones a listen to, it’s amazingly inspiring, and I’m sure you’ll feel some on-fire-ness of your own soon. 🙂

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