What I’m Reading Right Now

Reading has taken over my life these past couple of weeks! I intended to work a lot more on my novel on my days off, but instead I’ve been reading a lot.

The novel, Mrs. Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf is the fictional piece I’m devouring right now. I’ve heard a lot about Mrs. Woolf being a profound novelist, so I wanted to see for myself what her writing style was like.


Well, it’s simply brilliant. She can draw you in to a fifty-something married woman’s life and thoughts so well through artful descriptions and beautiful language. It’s so interesting because the story, so far, is about how Mrs. Dalloway is looking back on her life as she plans an evening event and she realizes that something is missing. Aware that she is growing older, she is just craving that adventure and mystery of her youth. I’m not even half way through yet and I’m in love.

Virginia Woolf
Virginia Woolf

Today after doing a rather mundane errand, I bought two magazines from the book store (That I’ll always keep). They’re science-based and both have a large psychology component in them. As I’m pretty certain that I want to go back to school and major in psychology (And likely minor in either journalism or the arts), I just can’t get enough information about the mind and how it works.

Not to mention, all of your blog posts are always very inspiring and interesting so I’ve been taking the time to read all of them via the WordPress Reader.

Reading’s taken center stage, so I suppose that for now, I’ll just embrace it and when I need a break, I’ll work on that outline for Part 2 of my novel.


6 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Right Now

  1. I have only ever read her short stories, I’m ashamed to admit. But that book sounds intriguing– to have such a premise and yet draw you in so well. I’ll put it on the forever long list 😉

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