F Is For Far


The numbers would not stop blurring together, so he blinked a few times to refocus. He looked out of the moving train’s window. While being an accountant provided him with more than enough money to live comfortably, it was also tedious on the days that he craved exploration. Soon, he would be able to stretch his legs in Dallas. Mexico City proved to be an interesting experience for him and his colleagues, but he felt relief to be back on American soil.

A flash of white at the top of the hill in the distance caught his attention. It took a moment for his sight to register that it was a woman wearing a long dress. He longed to journey up there and talk sense into her. Yet, a part of him realized how much he envied her. She had the audacity to wander away from her town’s safety, for the sake of seeing the beauty of the desert.

How long would it take for her to return home? Had she climbed up the hill before?

The sun had already begun its descent. Would she be prey to a rattlesnake or some other poisonous creature that roamed the Chihuahuan Desert at night? 

He would never know who this woman was, the one who stood so far away from any place that he would ever walk.  

-Sara Kjeldsen


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