I Is For “Ingenuous”


Blonde side-pony bouncing around while she moved her feet on the dance floor, she appeared more like a little girl among carnal wolves. To him, at least. She was alone. Either her friends had already left with men, or she had arrived there alone. He would not be surprised of the latter.

He downed the last bit of beer in his glass then strode over to her. He kept his distance until her wide brown eyes finally met his. As he suspected, she smiled shyly and quickly looked away. She jumped onto one of the speakers, next to another blonde, and danced with a little more finesse. It always amused him when girls tried to seem more worldly than they were.

Her pink-stained lips smiled when she dared to look his way again. It never ceased to amaze him that some of the shyest, most naïve creatures on the planet could be so pretty; as though the universe were designed to reward the dark souls of the world. Namely, him.

He moved among the writhing, dancing bodies and stood next to her makeshift stage. The other girl jumped off, leaving his target alone with him at last.

“Can I buy you a drink?” he called.

She nodded. Her ridiculous hairstyle bobbed up and down in the process.

He offered her his hand. She took it and jumped down with a loud giggle.

“What do you say we get out of here? I’ll take you to a nicer club and buy you a drink there.”

Her eyes widened in surprise before she nodded. “Sounds cool!”

He guided her through the crowd with a hand on her back, unaware of her fate.

It was not his fault that some people were born to be pathetic. Only one girl had managed to surprise him by escaping, but this one did not seem sharp enough to be able to spell “ingenuous” properly, let alone know what it meant.

-Sara Kjeldsen


Don’t worry, this one will have a follow up.

3 thoughts on “I Is For “Ingenuous”

    1. I’m so passionately against sexual assault and how much people still accept it, that I couldn’t leave this little piece open-ended. 😉

      Thanks for reading and I’m glad this menacing guy made you curious.

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