O Is For Offense


Continued from I Is For Ingenuous

By the time she realized what his intentions were, they had already wandered well out of the city. Good God, how could she have been so trusting with a complete stranger?

“Your breathing is pretty rapid right now,” he said.

She feigned innocent laughter. “I feel a little cold. Let’s go back.”

“You won’t be going back.”

Her mouth went dry. She couldn’t move her legs.

“Stupid girl. Trusting me turned out to be a fatal decision for you.”

He smiled despite the cruel finality of his words. Her mind raced and she took a step back.

“Are you going to kill me?”

“Later. Before sunrise though.”

She had to move fast. She could do this.

“What? No screaming? No attempt to outrun me?”

She bent over, crying. His cocky laughter angered her, but she cowered as though all she could think of was how scared she was.

He walked up to her and gripped her upper arms. His dark, lifeless eyes glared into hers. Like a crow about to tear a mouse’s flesh apart. She gripped the Swiss army knife in her right hand before plunging it into his midsection.

“Aahh! What the fuck?”

She kicked him as hard as she could in the groin and broke into a run. His groans chased her, but when she reached the outskirts of the city, she was alone.

-Sara Kjeldsen


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