Fantasia’s Gateway

The four-year-old girl’s closet is eerie compared to the other ones in the house. Her name is Sara, but she wonders if she should be called something else when the strange creatures in her closet talk to her. Her parents tell her that cartoons are make believe and that toys cannot come to life, but the star that comes in through her window delights her with its smiles and bouncing around the room. It is real.

The characters who live in the closet are feisty, though. Sometimes Sara is not in the mood to speak with them and she hopes that they will go away, yet there are many days when she wants to crawl into the dark shadows of the small storage area in her room and talk to the living, breathing things that shouldn’t be there, but are.

She gets out of her bed, even though it should be nap time, and she walks over to the closet, listening. They always like to talk to her when her mother wants her to be sleeping, but she is bored with closing her eyes.

“Are you there today?” Sara whispers.

No answer.

Dejected, Sara crawls inside of the closet and waits for them. She is careful to be quiet so that her mother cannot hear that she is awake.

“Psst. Anyone in here?” she whispers again.

“Yes,” hisses one of the familiar voices.

Excited, Sara searches around until she sees the yellow teddy bear sitting on a ledge that was not there a moment ago.

“Who are you?” Sara asks.

“You know. I also like to live in your bathroom. Is that okay?”

“Yes,” Sara nods quickly. “Stay where you want. I like you!”

“If you like me so much, then will you promise to never stop believing in me, and in the others that come by?”

“I promise.”

The bear disappears.


Annoyed, she jumps out of the closet and searches all over the room. “Where did you go?”

The only movement she sees is her own in the mirror’s reflection. She glares at her post-toddler chubby cheeks and scary frown, wondering if she chased them away because she looks mean.

Sara will never see the strange creatures again, but what she does see are the figments of her own imagination – when she swings on the swings, runs or skips around the yard, or even lays in her bed – she can imagine whatever she wishes, because it will appear. But she will always wonder who those colorful strangers were, and why they left.


2 thoughts on “Fantasia’s Gateway

  1. I miss my childhood imagination. I also miss the belief that my toys were alive… I used to convince all the neighborhood kids of it. Ah, I was such a charming little liar.

    1. Oh my gosh, wasn’t it so fun to be a super imaginative child? 🙂

      Haha that’s awesome that you were also able to convince the other kids that your toys were alive. I always had so many “pets” because I believed my toys were real. It was awesome.

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