On a Silver Coin

Her red cape flows behind her as she steps toward the lavish black carriage. I push through the people on the busy street, not allowing her to leave my vision.

“Rebecca!” I call.

She stops for a moment without turning her hooded head. She steps into the carriage as I break away from the sea of people. My clumsy run nearly brings me to the carriage before two ebony horses lurch it forward.

“Rebecca, wait!” I shout.

Her porcelain face, framed by dark brown curls, appears when she brushes the drapery aside and peers out the window. I think I see a tear streaming down her face.

I hold up the coin which now bears her face. She is the new queen, as she had once said she would become. Elected by the people who love her so much.

“I love you more than they do!” I cry.

She closes her eyes and allows the curtains to hide her away again. I chase the carriage for a while, willing for her to look back at me once more, but she does not.

I drop to my knees and watch the queen’s carriage disappear around the bend. I pushed her too hard, telling her that family and children were more important than her passion to change the realm. She is like a lone wolf and wild horse combined. She will make an excellent ruler.

Now, I will be alone forever because I refused to understand her. I will never see my wife again unless I dare to glance at that silver coin.

Instead, I toss it in the mud.


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