Eve & Adam Will Be Published This Weekend

So full of life, she seemed. He wanted to hate her for that. – Eve & Adam 


Eve & Adam is going to be published this Saturday!

I am going to be running a promotion for the e-book on Amazon. For its first three days, it will be free! I am excited to bring Eve & Adam out into the world since the story’s birth in Kananaskis, Alberta over two years ago. It was written during my first month living in those amazing Rockies of the Bow Valley – that natural beauty and solitude surrounding me after work gave me such inspiration to write what was pressing on my heart.

I dedicate Eve & Adam to all of the dreamers of the world!

*** The Print Book ***

I will keep you posted on the print book’s release date! I have to do a test run, wait for it to come in the mail, and then notify Create Space (Amazon) that it is good to go – and if I want to make changes, I will need to repeat the process. (A little FYI for fellow indie authors who haven’t published a print book yet!) 

Thank you all for reading! ❤

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21 thoughts on “Eve & Adam Will Be Published This Weekend

      1. My pleasure, Sara! I love that you dedicated the book to all the dreamers and that it came from your inspiration while living in the mountains. Can’t wait 🙂

      1. I’m loving it, Sara! It speaks to me and our past discussions add more depth and understanding to the interactions and emotions of Adam amd Eve. So glad you decided to publish this. 🙂

      2. I’m glad that you have been loving it so far! My beta reader didn’t like the “switch” that happened with Adam’s admission to Eve about who he is, but I thought surprising the reader would them help see more from Eve’s side.
        Yes, as I edited Eve & Adam a few days ago, I thought of the discussions between you and me! 🙂 It really all ties together, with what they are also experiencing. Thank you very much for reading!

      3. I think your ability to make sharp turns in your story that catch me off guard and make me think are a good hallmark for your writing style. It works for you and the story.

      4. I just read it last night reading Chris’ latest postings on his Sherlock Holmes novel. One of his readers volunteered to Beta read it so I had to find out what that meant. Otherwise, I’d be making friends with Google again. 🙂

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