Write, Little Girl, For Ye Know Not When


Waiting for me with a steaming tea. Warm eyes, shy smile, dark hair, strong character. Or so he said.

Holding my hand with reassuring words. Numbness melted away to hope. I submitted to trust.

We laughed, we shared, we planned. I awoke to his warmth. He borrowed my story.

He left.

He reappeared in the form of pictures, memories, nightmares. I cannot escape, but I write.

Once I saw him and his eyes flickered blue as he stared at me. I wondered if I would awaken one day to him killing me.

I write. Poison is not always physical.

Write little girl, for ye know not when death’s final grip shall drag you to her cold, final den.

9 thoughts on “Write, Little Girl, For Ye Know Not When

  1. This evokes a very strong image and emotions, Sara. It feels authentic. He left and returns as pictures, memories, and nightmares is haunting. Wondering if one day she would awaken to him killing her really speaks of her fear of that relationship – of the person. Very emotive and well done.

    1. Thank you very much, Daniel. 😀 I appreciate your thoughts! Perhaps she is more afraid of what he’s done to her mind, which is the most dangerous thing to her. Some people are like toxins to the mind. While others are like a healing balm.

      1. Yes, absolutely. The wounds to the mind are the hardest to heal. /as much as we know to seek connections with positive people, the truth is, we can also seek the toxic ones too. It can become a cycle of recovery and ruin for some. You really take the reader to that place with this story.

      2. Life can be complex when we seek positive people and they end up rearing their toxic heads. Some people cannot be healed due to their stormy brain chemistry, but I believe that most can be healed. There is hope for most. For the ones with the stormy minds, they simply need to find and retain that balance in order to stay healthy.

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