The knives spoke

Inanimate objects cannot speak, yet she heard the knives in the kitchen drawer calling for her. She lay in her bed with balled fists, begging for her mind to cling to thoughts of the beauty that lay just beyond the door if she could only reach it.

She shot up and peered out the half open window. The draft carried with it the scent of rain falling on the earth. She clung to the invisible gift of hope and raced past the sharp-edged tools that cried out of her to make use of them.

She reached the outdoors. The exertion pumped life through her veins and she continued to run until she reached the babbling brook. She submerged her hand beneath the cool, rushing water.

That broke the spell.


8 thoughts on “The knives spoke

  1. Great piece, Sara. No one understands until they’ve heard those knives call, seen the message at the bottom of the river, or noticed how those pills the doctor prescribed get along so well with a friendly vodka and ask themselves, why not go for it. It takes a strong person to ignore the sirens of sorrow and madness calling and flail against the demons with a particular satisfaction.

      1. I think to those that survive, a beautiful empathetic soul emerges that in spite of personal shortfalls, enables one to see, feel, and help others that fall under the spell of that call. I’d like to think that at least.

      2. Yes, I’ve found the best active listeners and doers are the ones that have experienced similar pain and suffering. It’s like an exclusive club with some very stringent initiation rites.

      3. That’s very true, Daniel! You are a bonafide member of the club – and you took your time to encourage me last year when I was under the mental weather for a bit there. I think I must be a part of the club as well – I hope I can help someone out there.

      4. You will and you have helped. We are both members and you have helped me a great deal in many ways as well. I’m happy to read of your up coming return to university. I know that’s a gateway to realizing your goals. It’s not an easy path but you have already conquered much and you will achieve your educational goals as well because you know how to work hard for what you want or need. 😀

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