New Recruits

Two days without sunshine had energized me. We rode toward the dusty town and I was sure that I could already hear drunken laughter from the saloon. “Mary, we’ve been riding for two days speaking no more than three words to one another. How much longer do you need to think?” called Thomas. “Shush,” I muttered, […]

Fluid Inspiration

I’m thinking back to the times that I have been the most productive writer. I need some key factors to work in my favour if I hope to complete a novel within a matter of months. Space Truth be told, I must spend a lot of time alone in order to be able to stay in […]


Unearthly battle cries sound in the distance. “Them Yankees be comin’!” one of the men in our clan shouts. Fleeing slaves run in the direction of the river. Instead of following them, I run in the direction of the plantation house. “Whatchu doin’ girl?” Hezekiah, who is a head taller than I and easily twice my […]

One Day

Light glistens off of the crystal glasses, necklaces, and vases within the lively room. People dance, laugh, flirt, and drink as Jill watches from outside of the window. She is grateful for the dark solitude that caresses her dewy, overheated skin. “I thought that you loved dancing, Mrs. Smyth.” She glances over her shoulder at […]

Mr. Bronte

I stand in the entrance of the parsonage where four gifted young people once imagined stories so great A father’s worst nightmare is to survive his children, to be left alone to mourn for them Charlotte was the last of my children to live, being the same age as her beautiful mother at death, age thirty-eight My three girls […]

Eve & Adam – Excerpt From My Short Story

An excerpt from my short story, Eve & Adam. Please, let me know what you think!  Orange vials peek from the open glove compartment. Adam’s destiny rests inside of them. He breathes deeply, watching the flaming sun’s slow decent over the distant mountains. He will miss sunsets very much, but his unquenchable desire for death consumes […]