777 Writer’s Challenge

The 777 Writer’s Challenge I was recently challenged by blogger Randstein at Hyperion Sturm. His blog is subtitled “The Titan’s Lament”. Thank you very much for this nomination, Randstein! :) He is a fellow dreamer who writes intoxicating stories with vivid language and cool plot. You really need to read his blog story named Return of the Dragons. His writing […]

The Suicides, Part Twelve

New York City, August 1892 White hot awareness chased away the comforting darkness. Shadowy human figures floated around me, some whispered, some cried, and others grunted terrible words. A subtle, female voice fought her way past the ghastly voices. “Alfred?” “Go away,” I groaned. “Kill me if I’m not dead.” “Alfred!” Nostalgia mixed with my suffocating sadness. My stomach […]

The Suicides, Part Ten

Matthew’s hands grabbed me by the shoulders. My mind went numb as he shook me. “Matthew, stop!” shouted his father. He pulled him away. “I need to find my aunt before I make my way over to the boardwalk,” I said, ignoring Matthew’s dramatic objections. “Alfred, we just told you how you could get away from […]

The Suicides, Part Nine

Just as Sarah had predicted, a storm passed through the town during the early hours of the morning, but as I stood in front of the shed, the afternoon sun’s heat beat down on my back. My uncle had kept several garden tools over the years and there seemed to be at least two shovels sufficient for the […]

The Dreamer’s Dreamworld

Most very young children are quite imaginative, but dreamers never give up their strong desire to imagine. When I was around three years old, I would swing on the swings and imagine that I was somewhere else, talking with people who did not exist. To this day, I still gravitate to a swing set so that […]

The Suicides, Part Seven

Damp air clung to my dewy skin in an uncomfortable blanket as I stepped alongside Sarah through the long grass. The full moon’s light provided us with a less than sinister ambience, but it did little to ease my nerves. “No dew yet,” said Sarah. “It will likely storm by the morning.” “Fitting,” I muttered. A choir of crickets and toads chirped […]