Book Cover Reveal: Eve & Adam

My sister, Jessica Kjeldsen, has designed my book cover for a short story I’m planning to publish soon. I’m really excited that Eve & Adam will be live soon – probably in November! The cover design’s whimsical, hopeful appearance is what I had hoped it would be, because it’s both ironic and symbolic. We’re both […]

The Red Coat and The Red Head eBook – Free Today Until Monday!

My newest ebook The Red Coat and The Red Head will be free for five days, starting today! Now is your chance to download a historical adventure short story free of charge. What is it about? Two young free thinkers who are caught in the middle of a revolution. The Red Coat and The Red […]

The Red Coat and The Red Head Book Cover

After some thought, I thought that it would be better to publish each of my short stories as separate entities. I may do a book of multiple short stories in the future, but my story about two young people trapped in an era of revolution and war will be a stand alone. Here is the […]

Book Marketing Plans (Time to Get on That)

Well, it has been just over two months since my novella, Followed was released. It has already made more sales in the amount of time that it took a year for By the Sword, my first novel, to make about the same. I took down By the Sword because I felt that the writing was not […]

Book Launch – Followed

Followed has officially been launched today! You can order a copy of my gothic novella on your Kindle now for only $1.99. If you want to pick it up for free (And I’ll bet you do!) I am running a free promotion on Amazon starting tomorrow and it ends on Saturday. Synopsis: Adeline assumes that her […]

My Novella – Launching Next Week!

Hello, my followers! Guess what? After that rather awkward false start last fall, my historical horror (gothic) novella, Followed, will be released early next week. It will be free for the first day and possibly the second day. :) Special thanks to Frankie Sutton, my amazing and affordable editor and Najla Qamber, my talented and […]