Plans to Publish The Suicides

I will be publishing The Suicides very soon! It’s sitting at a solid 20,000 words making it a novella. My sister has been designing a simply beautiful cover and is adding in the finishing touches.

I have a knack for novellas. :)

I will keep you posted on the publishing date of The Suicides. It has been a joy to write, I am very happy with it and how it turned out, and I thank all of you who followed along with the story of my protagonist, Alfred and his quirky friends. Your support means the world to me. Without you, my blogging would just be idle typings.

Eve & Adam Is Now In Print!

Hello, my awesome readers, I am here to announce that Eve & Adam is now available in print on Amazon for only $6.25 US. All proceeds will go toward my editing costs for my next book. The cover, designed by my very own sister Jessica Kjeldsen, would make a great addition to any coffee table or desk.

I read Eve & Adam myself in print, and the feel that you get as you read your own story, turning the pages of a tangible book, is great.

Here’s me with Eve & Adam! (Backwards). :P

How to Format Your Own Word Document For Create Space (Print Book)


I thought I would go over how to format a Word document to be fit for Create Space.

  1. Get Rid of All Your Previous Formatting – This is the time to switch everything back to single space. If you used “Tab” or “Enter” to indent paragraphs, set them back to no indentation. There is a better way to indent paragraphs which I will go over after. :) If you used “Enter” several times to separate your chapters, remove that separation. Basically, make it all as simple as possible. Everything is single spaced with no extra formatting.
  2. Set Your Page Layout – Paperback books are sized at 6″ x 9″. Go to Page Layout –> Size –> More Paper Sizes. Set the width and height for your book’s final trim size to 6″ x 9″. Be sure to choose “Apply to Whole Document” on the drop down menu at the bottom.
  3. Margins – Go to Page Layout –> Margins –> Custom Margins. The exact requirements for this will depend on your page #. Go here to see exact inside and outside margin requirements. For my story which is only 33 pages, the gutter margin was .325″. The outside margin was .25″. I then used .5″ margins for both top and bottom. Gutter position should be set to “Left”. 
  4. Indent Paragraphs – Go to Home –> Paragraph. Select “First Line”. Set it to .5″. You can highlight the entire page/entire document to make this faster.
  5. Formatting Chapter Separations – Remember to never separate Chapters by hitting Enter until it reaches the next page. This will ruin the formatting once you submit it to Create Space. Instead, use Page Break before each chapter to properly format.
  6. Page Numbering and Headers – Go to Insert –> Headers and Footers. Select “Different First Page” to prevent numbering from starting on your first page.
  7. Deleting Headers/ Page Numbers From Specific Pages – If you do not want numbering and headers to start, say, until page 5, then what you do is go to the Breaks option again. Under Section Breaks go to Next Page. This should delete headers and page numbers from that specific page if you have a Mac. If not, then this link is a valuable tool with pictures and a step by step guide on how to complete this process with ease.
  8. Save document as a .PDF file.


Do you have anything that you would like to add?

I hope that this was straight forward. It personally took me a whole evening to format my Word document for Create Space, but I hope that with all the information in one place, this could help someone go over the process much faster.

Cheers, bloggers!

Eve & Adam FREE on Kindle today!


Eve & Adam is FREE on Kindle today! You can get your FREE copy here today until Tuesday at noon.

Here is what Eve & Adam is about:

Adam meets Eve, a girl who lives in the cult village, on the afternoon he decides to kill himself. Her whimsical charm pulls him away from his suicidal ideations, but he soon learns that she holds a world of darkness within her that rivals his own.
They long to escape their suppressive backgrounds, but there are people in Adam’s town who already have other plans for him. Will the two misfits finally be able to break free?

Eve & Adam Will Be Published This Weekend

So full of life, she seemed. He wanted to hate her for that. – Eve & Adam 


Eve & Adam is going to be published this Saturday!

I am going to be running a promotion for the e-book on Amazon. For its first three days, it will be free! I am excited to bring Eve & Adam out into the world since the story’s birth in Kananaskis, Alberta over two years ago. It was written during my first month living in those amazing Rockies of the Bow Valley – that natural beauty and solitude surrounding me after work gave me such inspiration to write what was pressing on my heart.

I dedicate Eve & Adam to all of the dreamers of the world!

*** The Print Book ***

I will keep you posted on the print book’s release date! I have to do a test run, wait for it to come in the mail, and then notify Create Space (Amazon) that it is good to go – and if I want to make changes, I will need to repeat the process. (A little FYI for fellow indie authors who haven’t published a print book yet!) 

Thank you all for reading! <3

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Eve & Adam Book To Be Published Soon!


It has been a while since I have given you all an update on my short story, Eve & Adam. My editor, who happens to also be my former boss, is working away at the last part of the story, while I am also self-editing the entire story again. I want it to capture the true depth and intensity of depression and grief, so I am doing my best to edit it right!

So, I thought that I would give you all a head’s up that I plan to publish Eve & Adam on Amazon very soon! I am going to run a promotion where the e-book is going to be free for the first three days so you will be able to pick up a complimentary copy.

I’ll also have a hard copy version for those who enjoy a true book in their hands as they read. The cover designer is my talented sister, Jessica Kjeldsen.

Stay tuned for the publishing date announcement! Xoxox


Here is an excerpt from Eve & Adam, Part Three

Crisp footsteps sounded behind him. He anticipated a slap on the face, but instead she reached for him and brought him into her arms. He stared down at her greying hair as she rested her head against his chest. An uncontrollable sob escaped from his throat.


“I love you so much,” she said. “No matter what.”

He buried his face in her shoulder. He could never forgive her for taking the side of the town, but he mourned for their torn bond.

“Adam, you have to go.”

Her demand clawed at his raw emotions. He released her.

“Your father is going to look for you with some of his friends.”

“Joey told you I was staying with him, didn’t he?”

She nodded.

“Oh, don’t you worry about me,” he laughed bitterly. “I’ll get out of here. I should have left ages ago. Remember Isaac? Oh, of course you don’t. You and everyone else here will never admit that all of you killed him!”

Her eyes darted about as though she thought someone would jump out from one of the heart-shaped bushes.

“Where is he? Where is his body? Please, please tell me, Mom!”

“Adam, we have been over this before. Isaac was your imaginary friend during the worst of your depressive episode. There has never been anyone named Isaac who has lived in this town.”

“You don’t have to lie to me. I am getting out of here. Please, can you just tell me where he is?”

She wiped away the tears that seemed out of place on her stone cold face.

The Editor Gift

Life can be very giving sometimes. I would have never guessed that my old boss from five years ago would drop me a line on LinkedIn to see how my writing was going. We exchanged a couple of messages and it turns out that he has published a couple of novels himself. He had been a journalist and newspaper editor before starting a couple of different companies. Lo and behold, he has offered to edit my short story for me free of charge over the next few weeks.

Editors often charge very high rates (Once I paid $1,000 to an experienced editor for a novel I chose to self-publish. I am never doing that again). Even affordable editors can be a stretch to your finances when you’re in a low paying job and trying to save money to, you know, do life. This has reminded me (And hopefully you) that networking is key in any industry for your own success, and it can save you a lot of time and cost as a writer.

So, now that I have my short story, Eve & Adam, in the hands of an editor for free, I can start to see the publishing date in the horizon. I will keep you posted on the release date for Eve & Adam.

Happy writing/editing everyone! :)

Book Cover Reveal: Eve & Adam

My sister, Jessica Kjeldsen, has designed my book cover for a short story I’m planning to publish soon. I’m really excited that Eve & Adam will be live soon – probably in November! The cover design’s whimsical, hopeful appearance is what I had hoped it would be, because it’s both ironic and symbolic. We’re both into covers that shy away from the cliche of a woman looking off into the distance. I am very grateful that she could really grasp the feel of my story and be able to design it.

So, here is the cover! Let me know what you think, if you wish. :)

Design by Jessica Kjeldsen
Design by Jessica Kjeldsen

The Red Coat and The Red Head eBook – Free Today Until Monday!

My newest ebook The Red Coat and The Red Head will be free for five days, starting today! Now is your chance to download a historical adventure short story free of charge.

What is it about? Two young free thinkers who are caught in the middle of a revolution.

The Red Coat and The Red Head is a short story set during the American Revolution. A young British officer, Jon, deserts the army when he cannot cope with his best friend’s death. He runs into a Colonial girl named Jil who is against war, despite her patriot loyalties.

When three British colonels surround Jil’s home, she and Jon ride away. They long to escape from the terrible violence that has soaked the atmosphere in Boston and turn their misfortune into an adventure.

But will the war catch up with them and quench the freedom that they long for?
Please let me know what you think and feel free of course to leave a review on Amazon or Good Reads. :)

I was hoping to make the promotion last longer, but at this point, the longest free promotion you can run on Amazon is 5 days.

I appreciate your support, as always!