The Cost of Self Publishing

I thought it might be helpful to post the expenses (so far) for self publishing my book since I have noticed a few other blog posts recently on the topic of publishing costs. It really is pretty affordable. There are probably even cheaper ways to do it, but this is what I did and I am very happy so far.

This has also brought to my attention what I still must do. Haha.

Let me know your thoughts, or if you have any questions!

Editor (Including two edits and final proofread). = $1200

Ebook Formatting (For Createspace/Barnes and Noble) = $150

Book Cover Design (Ebook and Print) = $80

Book Mark Designs (Included in book design package) = Free

Register Business Name For My “Publishing Company” = $60

ISBN #s = FREE in Canada? I just found this out. Nice. Thanks, federal government. They happen to be the ISBN agency.

Print Book Formatter = $100

= $1590

I haven’t factored in advertising, the first print run, or website costs yet. I also think that I may have to purchase bar codes for the print books?

But as far actually getting the book to Createspace and Barnes and Noble, this is all it has taken me so far. I will do a more comprehensive list later on including the latter expenses.