Fluid Inspiration

I’m thinking back to the times that I have been the¬†most productive writer. I need some key factors to work in my favour if I hope to complete a novel within a matter of months. Space Truth be told, I must spend a lot of time alone in order to be able to stay in […]


Unearthly battle cries sound in the distance. “Them Yankees¬†be comin’!” one of the men in our clan shouts. Fleeing slaves run in the direction of the river. Instead of following them, I run in the direction of the plantation house. “Whatchu doin’ girl?” Hezekiah, who is a head taller than I and easily twice my […]

Fantasy Prone Personality & Creativity

One very large section of my personality is fantasy prone. This means that I am subject to vivid day dreams and imaginings several times throughout each day. It is not an occasional occurrence. Of course, most writers and artists possess this characteristic in varying degrees. There is actually a test you can take to confirm […]

Feeling Inspired During Unexpected Moments

Do you ever think it’s weird how the most unexpected things can inspire you to write? Like, the most amazing idea of a character can strike you when you’re washing the dishes. Or, this epic new storyline forms in your head when you’re listening to a song or watching a movie whose genre is unrelated […]

2014 Writing Projects

Hello writers and readers! Today I am going to talk about my writing projects and then share an excerpt from my most recent novel in progress. The Novel Well, I’m happy to say that my newest novel has reached the 46,000 word mark today. Part One flowed amazingly well, but things get quite complicated in […]

Why I Write Scary Stories – It’s Not What You Think

“You are an optimistic, nice girl. Where does all this dark stuff come from?” said a co-worker of mine four years ago, after I told him about the sort of things I write about. Some of my stories wouldn’t be described as pure horror, but all of them contain significant elements of it within them. […]

My Current Book in Progress

(Credit: Journey’s End By Jay Epperson) Well, it’s the last day of October. I won’t be participating in NaNoWriMo, but what I will do is focus on my current work in progress. It is a fantasy tale centered around four characters that are based on my grandparents. Each one of them had at least one […]

Genre Jumping

There seems to be some pressure out there from literary agents, publishers, readers, and even other authors to stick with one genre. The reason is that it could possibly confuse or frustrate your book following if you publish a young adult fantasy book one year, and then a modern drama the next year. No doubt, […]

Science of Story Telling

I really like Fast Company’s website, especially Co.Create. Of course, right? You can always find inspiring and informative stories as well as practical advice to become more efficient at your brand or your skill. So, I found an article all you writers out there will appreciate. Today I was happy to have stumbled upon an […]