The Dreamer’s Dreamworld

Most very young children are quite imaginative, but dreamers never give up their strong desire to imagine. When I was around three years old, I would swing on the swings and imagine that I was somewhere else, talking with people who did not exist. To this day, I still gravitate to a swing set so that […]

The Suicides, Part Seven

Damp air clung to my dewy skin in an uncomfortable blanket as I stepped alongside Sarah through the long grass. The full moon’s light provided us with a less than sinister ambience, but it did little to ease my nerves. “No dew yet,” said Sarah. “It will likely storm by the morning.” “Fitting,” I muttered. A choir of crickets and toads chirped […]

The Suicides, Part Four

Flames rose and twirled through the air before dropping into the capable hands of a blue-skinned man dressed in a yellow suit. I watched the flame thrower for the better part of an hour, ignoring those who brushed past me with their friends, children, or lovers. Dancing black stars filled my vision when I looked away from his performance at […]

Fluid Inspiration

I’m thinking back to the times that I have been the most productive writer. I need some key factors to work in my favour if I hope to complete a novel within a matter of months. Space Truth be told, I must spend a lot of time alone in order to be able to stay in […]


Unearthly battle cries sound in the distance. “Them Yankees be comin’!” one of the men in our clan shouts. Fleeing slaves run in the direction of the river. Instead of following them, I run in the direction of the plantation house. “Whatchu doin’ girl?” Hezekiah, who is a head taller than I and easily twice my […]

Fantasy Prone Personality & Creativity

One very large section of my personality is fantasy prone. This means that I am subject to vivid day dreams and imaginings several times throughout each day. It is not an occasional occurrence. Of course, most writers and artists possess this characteristic in varying degrees. There is actually a test you can take to confirm […]

Feeling Inspired During Unexpected Moments

Do you ever think it’s weird how the most unexpected things can inspire you to write? Like, the most amazing idea of a character can strike you when you’re washing the dishes. Or, this epic new storyline forms in your head when you’re listening to a song or watching a movie whose genre is unrelated […]