Fluid Inspiration

I’m thinking back to the times that I have been the most productive writer. I need some key factors to work in my favour if I hope to complete a novel within a matter of months. Space Truth be told, I must spend a lot of time alone in order to be able to stay in […]

First Person Narrative

For the first time since I have started writing novels, I have made the decision to write one of my books in the first person point of view. Normally, I love writing from multiple points of view – where the story is told from at least four different characters’ perspectives. Sometimes, first person just works […]

Beta Readers

Before sending your work to a professional editor, I highly recommend having at least two people (fellow writers or avid readers) read over your book and let you know what they thought of it. Editors are amazing at fixing grammatical errors, sentence structure, and some will even comment on things like characters or the flow of the story, but […]

Handwritten words

One morning, I thought it would be really inspiring to walk to a secluded area of the park near my home and write in my notebook rather than on my laptop. I sat on a bench and wrote an entirely new story idea. The quiet, natural surroundings provided the perfect whimiscal setting. Sun streamed through the tall […]